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About Yowzit for Government

Yowzit for Government is an internet and mobile platform where Citizens and Governments collaborate to improve the quality of service delivery. Yowzit is propelled by three simple but compelling ideas.

The first is that people’s opinions count

Transparency is a hallmark of good governance, and the more visible the process of governing, the more confidence people have in the system and the more likely they are to participate as engaged citizens. This feedback loop between transparency-confidence-participation is one component that Yowzit strengthens by allowing citizens to rate and review their government.

People want to participate

Given the opportunity, citizens will work for the good of their neighbourhoods and communities if they think it can make a difference. People understand that the government can’t be at all places at once. Through the Yowzit platform, anyone with a computer or phone will be able to publicly post a report on something they see that needs to be fixed, whether a broken traffic light or a pothole or even an incidence of corruption. Citizens can help their local governments be more aware of and responsive to what’s going on in their cities and with their constituents. A government that is more responsive is generally viewed more positively by the public, who are more likely to want to work with it for the civic good. In this way, Yowzit’s technology will create avenues for valuable citizen-government cooperation.

People are problem solvers

There is growing recognition that great ideas can emerge from ‘the crowd’. Yowzit’s platform is currently designed to encourage South Africans to share their opinions with each other. The technology can be easily adjusted to enable back-and-forth discussion to take place between citizens or between government representatives and constituents. Discussion can be around general topics and specific issues of concern as well as idea forums for improving government efficiency, citizen projects & public-private partnerships. Yowzit’s platform is a dynamic model for government-citizen engagement that goes beyond simple information sharing to true collaborative problem solving between officials and those they serve.

The Yowzit for Government innovation is funded by a programme, Making All Voices Count and remains independent in order to be trusted.

If you need more information about Yowzit, please feel free to contact us at admin@yowzit.com.