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Museums in South Africa

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Top 10 Rated Museums

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Recently visited Robben Island after friends recommended we go. I was disappointed as I found it long and a bit boring. We were taken on a very old trawler... - Diane Duncan
4.4 (23)
702   1   0   3
Apartheid Museum is a must see if you are at all interested in the history of Apartheid. There is a LOT of information which can be a bit overwhelming for... - Ridwaan Tayob
4.4 (17)
456   1   0   0
My Mom grew up in Kimberley and always told me stories about this wonderful historic town. It sounded truly wonderful and when she took me there and showed me... - Jessica
4.4 (8)
317   1   0   1
Not many people know about this museum, one of South Africa's greatest museums, a cultural and natural history museum, a room completely about KwaZulu Natal history. They have a... - Jessica
5.0 (1)
397   1   0   0
The museum tells a story of a time when things were quite different from today. It's a very interesting experience and if you love history and other cultures as much... - Conrad Stoltz
4.5 (5)
336   1   0   0
Nice people and great environment with insights into how to maximize potential. Good experience all round - Oluwalani Adeleke
4.5 (2)
308   1   0   0
Kimberley is one of the most historical towns in South Africa and this Railway Museum is just one more reason to visit this quaint town. - Dawn Wallenkamp
4.4 (2)
277   0   0   0
I like viewing historical artefacts, and when my GPS reflected this museum (following a search for museums), I was already half-thrilled at the prospect. As I love aircraft, I went... - Abdul Karriem Dawood
4.3 (1)
342   1   0   0
It has been a while since I visited but still remember the experience well. It was filled with historic artifects and colourful pieces. Our tour guide was alright, a bit... - Priyesh Kasan
4.1 (2)
377   0   0   0
Situated adjacent to the Johannesburg Zoo, on the high eastern flank, the Museum of Military History (known in years gone by as "The War Museum", has static displays of South... - Mark Duncan
3.8 (1)

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