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Revenue Services in City of Cape Town Metropolitan

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Top 10 Rated Revenue Services services in City of Cape Town Metropolitan

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I've been audited by SARS Cape Town once or twice, as part of their random sampling; sometimes regarding share-trading, sometimes regarding share-trading. Anyway, I find it personally scary, when a... - Abdul Karriem Dawood
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My father, who is 88, is currently selling a house in Cape Town. As a result he has to pay Capital Gains Tax etc. We have now been backwards and... - Pepe Stedman
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Unfriendly unhelpful staff. Feels like you are talking to a wall. Business hours given online wrong. Inefficient, unproductive, wha a shame! - louise
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Terrible. My parcel is in customs for the 11 th day now. 1ZX749786754113187 ups. Nobody answers calls or e mails. - PIETER VAN DER LINDE
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