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Nelson Mandela

We've been trying to put our fingers on exactly what this feeling is we all share at present.

It's not something we didn't expect, it's not something we were not prepared for yet, still, it feels as though the world is out of synch – as though a great imbalance has thrown the planet a few degrees off its axis – as though the frequency of our lives no longer broadcasts in silky smooth stereo.

The best description for this "robbed of something special" feeling we can come up with is that it's probably a bit like a bright-eyed child discovering that there is no such thing as Santa Claus. That there are no magic reindeer, and no magic elves – that those letters to the North Pole never made it there. . .

You may suggest that the passing of The Father of our Nation cannot, and should not, be compared to a jolly old man in a red suit but we beg to differ. For all of us, Madiba, was that something special that made us smile and believe that anything is possible. He showed us what can be achieved through a life less ordinary, through love and forgiveness and he led this nation from darkness to a magical place of endless possibility under one unified rainbow.

The loss of Madiba hits us hard because it feels like the loss of innocence, the loss of a dream, the end of a fantastical journey.

Fact though is, this should be the beginning.

The passing of the baton from one great man to one grateful nation. This stirring of emotion is only of any value if it leads us to live up to the reputation we held when Nelson Mandela walked these streets.

Back then we were the envy of the world, an example to Africa, the chosen people.

Today as our tears soak the soil of South Africa, our wish is that every one of us makes a conscious choice to live our lives with extraordinary love for each other. To care more, do more and believe more – in ourselves and in the magic that is a possibility and is a reality – should we choose to make it so.

Today we lock arms with each and every citizen as we wave a fond farewell to Nelson Mandela and we do so with the promise to live and let live in his footsteps.

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